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The future of Medical Imaging rests in the ability of computers to go beyond simply displaying images.  If a computer can understand context, then it become more than a digital light-box; it becomes an imaging assistant.  A second pair of eyes to find the renal lesion that is a little too dense.  A steady hand to measure an aneurysm for stent placement before you even open the study.  The possibilities are limitless when we start thinking about the radiology of tomorrow.



Triradiate Industries

Triradiate Industries is dedicated to helping the medical imaging community through the development of fully automated segmentation software.  Our goal is to fundamentally change the way Radiologists interact with imaging studies and aid them in the diagnostic process.

The future of Medical imaging

Combining cutting edge image segmentation with next generation interfaces, Triradiate industries in committed to providing the most comprehensive and user friendly experience for the medical imaging community.  By combining automated segmentation with lesion characterization tools, Triradiate Industries is making it easier for Radiologists to provide succinct quantitative reports.

Triradiate R&D

Triradiate Industries in heavily invested in utilizing cutting edge computational techniques and hardware.  From its inception, Triradiate has been focused on transforming Radiology reading stations into intelligent and interactive tools for analyzing medical imaging studies.  Intelligence means “context aware” tools that make the diagnostic process easier and more accurate.  By continuously evaluating and integrating new  technologies, Triradiate remains a leader in the field of automated image segmentation.