Triradiate Industries

Triradiate Industries

Triradiate Industries is dedicated to helping the medical imaging community by creating automated and semi-automated segmentation products that aid physicians in interpreting imaging studies and communicating the results with other physicians and patients.

Utilizing the power of modern parallel processors such as GPU processors, Triradiate Industries is focused on providing real time segmentation of CT scans. The benefits of the Triradiae approach is that it provides a system that can be integrated into your Departments imaging pipeline and fit seamlessly into the workflow of your radiologists.


Radiology Report 2.0

We at Triradiate Industries believe that one of the most critical next steps in the evolution of medical imaging is to bridge the gap between image and communication. Every physician and patient wants to know more about their scans, and the main barrier to that understanding is the complex anatomy of the human body depicted in scans.
By combining automated segmentation and lesion characterization tools, Triradiate Industries is devoted to providing tools that will allow Radiologists to simplify scans down to their most important features without losing important visual and anatomic information. We aim to put the “image” back in medical imaging.


Triradiate and the future of Medical imaging

Combining cutting edge image segmentation with next generation interfaces, Triradiate industries in commited to providing the most comprehensive and user friendly experice for the medical imaging community.

By taking the segmentation process out of the GUI space and makeing it a core background application, Triradiate Industries has been able to creat a user experice like none other.  Imaging a system so simple that it knows when you are looking at the liver and provides you with tools specific to the task at hand.  A system that provides you with a full set of vascular measurements without ever opening the toolbar.  Because Triradiate was founded by and is run by a practicing Radiologist, we know what Radiologists want and what they need to move the field forward.

Triradiate R&D

Triradiate Industries in heavily invested in utilizing cutting edge computational techniques and hardware.  From its inception, Triradiate has been focused on two main goals.

The first goal is to create a system that can take a standard PACS interface and turn it into an intelligent and interactive tool for analyzing medical imaging studies.  Intelligence means “context aware” tools that automatically change the functionality of the system based on the organ system that is actively being inspected.  It also means a system that is simple and unencumbered by excessive menus and buttons.

The second goal is to integrate cutting edge computing technologies from the ground up.  Triradiate Industries is at the forefront of GPU computing and high performance computing in medical imaging.  By continuously evaluating and integrating new  technologies, Triradiate remains a leader in the field of automated image segmentation.