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Autonomous Image Recognition (A.I.R.)

 The automated image segmentation software package A.I.R. is designed to be seamlessly integrated into existing radiology workflow.  See Triradiate A.I.R. in action by visiting our partners at Zebra Medical to join their medical imaging research platform.

The Triradiate A.I.R. system provides comprehensive anatomic evaluation including vessels, organs, and bones.  Relational data such as airway and vessel centerline is also provided to enable virtual lumenograph/bronchoscopy without the need for a dedicated 3D lab.

 Lumen Tracking - Fully automated aortoiliac, pulmonary artery, and airway tracking allows for real time virtual bronchoscopy and lumenography without the need for a dedicated 3D lab.Vessel Lumen ViewOrgan Mapping - For medical imaging researchers, the toughest part of developing new tools is providing anatomic context without relying on user input.  Enhancing your tools with organ level segmentation provided by Triradiate A.I.R. is like turning on GPS within your code.

Bone Identification - Going beyond simple bone extraction, Triradiate A.I.R. provides segmentation of individual bones including the pelvis and thoracic cage.



 The backbone of alpha-blend is a GPU accelerated Artificial Neural Network implementation combined with advanced statistical analysis.  The result is a single mouse click providing full context specific lesion characterization.

   Develop your own medical imaging apps on the Zebra-med imaging research platform.  Triradiate A.I.R. segmentation software is integrated into the platform and ready to help you build the next generation of medical imaging tools.






Fully automated airway center-line extraction allows for virtual bronchoscopic viewing on any chest CT.

No need for a dedicated 3D workstation or post processing when utilizing the Triradiate A.I.R. system.

 By combining the aortic centerline and vascular segmentation provided by A.I.R.

Virtual lumenographic images of the aorta give radiologists a new way to visualize and evaluate vasculature.

Organ level segmentation is the cornerstone of Triradiate Industries vision of enabling the next generation of context aware lesion characterization tools.