About us

Radiology AI

Triradiate Industries provides AI/ML solutions for the modern radiology workflow.

  • Full Body Automate Organ Level Segmentation
  • Targeted Lesion Detection.
  • Full integration with existing PACS workflows
  • Opportunites for partnership and co-development of use case productrs

Triradiate A.I.R.

Autonomous Image Recognition (A.I.R.) is the core set of algorithms and AI models that power Triradiate Software

Triradiate Alpha-blend

Triradiate alpha-blend is a custom light weight viewer that allow radiologists to interact with and manipulate A.I.R. segmentatino data is an intuitive interface.

Triradiate alpha-net

Combining multiple cutting edge machine learning algorithms into a single unified package. Triraradiate alpha-net provides the full spectrum of anatomic and pathology results through a single system. No plugins or modules to configure.

Our History

Triradiate Industries Company History

2005 – 2006

Design and development of Triradiate A.I.R. initiated.  Initial system was targeted at extracting fetal volume from Fetal MRI scans during pregnancy.

2006 – 2011

Triradiate A.I.R. development refocused on CT angiogram exams of the abdomen.

in 2007 A.I.R. incorporates CUDA v 1.0 to accelerate image processing pipeline.

2011 – 2015

Triradiate A.I.R. expands scope through academic collaborations

Triradiate alpha-Net development starts


2016 – 2021

Triradiate Industries being testing and refinement of AIR in anticipation of regulatory process.


Management Team