A.I.R. is the core fully automated medical image segmentation software package developed by Triradiate Industries.

Triradiate A.I.R. has been trained on a wide variety of CT vendors, reconstruction kernels, and contrast levels throughout the chest, abdomen and pelvis.  The A.I.R. system dynamically determines the body parts contained within a scan and the level of contrast to determine the appropriate post-processing steps to be taken.

If you are interested in seeing the Triradiate-AIR system in action, please contact sales@triradiate.com to set up a personalized demo. If you are currently a practicing radiologist with vRad, the wait is almost over.  A.I.R. features will begin rolling out to the vRad platform in 2023.

Triradiate- A.I.R. currently in the  submission process for FDA for clearance review.   All future announcements will be made through social media channels and on this website.

We greatly appreciate your interest in Triradiate Industries. We are a privately held company and are not actively seeking outside funding.Feel free to email us for more details (contact@triradiate.com)

Please email us at career@triradiate.com. Make sure to include your up to date resume and at least 3 current references.