A.I.R. is the core fully automated medical image segmentation software package developed by Triradiate Industries.

Currently, A.I.R. is able to analyze CT scans of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis done with contrast.  Segmentation of studies done without contrast is more limited, though features are constantly evolving. One of the major advantages of the Triradiate approach is that vessel tracking and organ segmenation can be achieved even when a study is done in non-arterial phases or with a missed contrast bolus.

Head over to www.zebra-med.com and register to use their development platform.  The automated segmentation software is currently being integrated into their platform and will be available in the coming months.

A.I.R. is still under active development with ongoing research collaborations.  We are currently interested in partnering with academic and commercial institutions to further develop and test the segmentation algorithms prior to full commercial release.

We greatly appreciate your interest in Triradiate Industries. We are a privately held company and are not actively seeking outside funding.Feel free to email us for more details (contact@triradiate.com)

Please email us at career@triradiate.com. Make sure to include your up to date resume and at least 3 current references.